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Marion wrote: I am a sea lover. Seems to be an interesting cruise. david martin Abrahams would love to travel on it.
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YV&C News Desk wrote: The pretty little island of Grenada has been dealt many unfair blows by history and politics. To many it was just recovering from the invasion ordered by President Regan, who sent in troops to put down a Cuban-lead rebellion, when just as that reputation was beginning to sink below the horizon, Mother Nature sent one of her somewhat destructive sons to visit the island on September 7, 2004.

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An Island that has persevered through history

Long time Caribbean sailor and old friend Chris Doyle has written a wonderful book entitled the sailors guide to the Windward Islands.  It is full of great stories on where and what to eat and how to find the best restaurants ashore.  We use this great guide to open up the area for us.  You need it to locate the passage into Clarkes Court Bay another stunning anchorage off the town of Woburn.  Here in years of old sailing ships would drop anchor off the town and load rum brought down river from the distilleries.  The rum plants are still in action but the anchorage is bereft of ships and is home instead to the Clark Court Bay Marina which nestles in the near perfect position to shelter the boats a beautiful natural bowl in the hillside of Mount Hartman Park which is a sanctuary for the rare Grenada dove.  The waters of the bay are calm with its south entrances partially protected by the Hog Calivgny Islands.  The Marina has 50 ships with more planned and it was here what we docked for safety to make our trips inland. 

Yachting is great and it is easy to enjoy it so much that you ignore what is ashore.  To do so in Grenada would be a tragedy.  How else would you get to see the way nutmegs are grown, harvested and processed if you did not visit Goave and how it is to grate your nutmeg over your rum punch in the evening sitting in the cockpit of the yacht.  Our day ashore included Goave and also took in the Grenada Chocolate Factory and the Rivers Rum distillery on the San Antoine estate. 

The Chocolate factory high in the hills of Hermitage uses locally organically grown chocolate to make high quality produced in a quaint solar powered factory reminiscent of Willy Wonker.  The chocolate is so good that it is exported to specialist stockists in both London and New York by devotees who make it available selling it over the Internet.  Not so very far away is the River Antoine Estate, a rum factory dating back to the year 1785 and still operating today.  What is truly phenomenal is the fact that the water powered crushing machine built way back then by Fletcher and Co of London and Derby continue to turn and crush using all the original components.  Sugar cane still grown on the estate and harvested by hand and the production methods here clearly have no changed over the centuries.  The resultant fiery liquor is highly sought after by locals who enjoy the slightly over proof product. 

Across the bay from the marina is the village of Woburn and very much the traditional style of Grenada with its houses clinging precariously to the hillside.  Just off the road is Little Dipper a restaurant run by Joan and her taxi driving husband Rock.  This cute cabin has a covered deck with tables large enough to seat a total of 12 persons.  This intimate little setting ensures that Joan cooks on a very one to one basis locally captured spiny lobsters being one of her signature dishes at prices everyone can afford. 

Calviging harbour is a hive of activity as we sail past the privately owned island, it is undergoing a metamorphosis and will emerge as a world class luxury villa resort complete with super yacht dock.  The early signs are already there the islands owners super yacht lays alongside a new dock and his villa ashore is nothing short of fabulous to look at.  We are bound for Port Egmont, Chemin Bay and Westerhall Bay which is our destination for the night.  Port Egmont is an almost completely landlocked harbour meaning that it is an almost perfect hurricane hole.  We pass Fort Jeudy keeping our eyes open for reefs that lie near the shore.  Prosperous looking houses with well laid out grounds cling to the steep sided hills and we anchor off a sandy beach and swim from the boat ashore and back before taking lunch under the shaded bimini that covers the yachts spacious cockpit. 

Waves are breaking on the reefs that guard the entrance to Chemin bay yet inside the bay and the deep waters look wonderfully smooth and inviting.  The placing of buoyage of the coast would be such a simple operation and the resultant opening of these cruising grounds would bring so much enjoyment to many to say nothing of adding prosperity to the local economy.  We drop anchor in Westerhall bay in the afternoon and shortly after doing so a local fishing boat stops alongside, his catch of tuna flapping in the bottom of his craft.  Bartering complete, the still wiggling fish is taken down to our galley and within hour lay smoking on the BBQ for our supper served with a bottle of well chilled chardonnay and green salad simplicity at its very best. 

Our lunch time stop the next day is an idyllic little bay full of flowers and palm trees.  The bay is called Petite Bacaye and ashore a micro hotel shares its name.  It has a few thatched roof rooms a small friendly bar and restaurant that makes self-catering aboard our yacht a little unnecessary.

St Davids harbour is not far to the east and marks the turning point in our voyage although never the site of a town it was always an important harbour and remains so today.  In years gone by sailing ships would arrive here load up cargoes of spice, sugar ands rum bound for Europe.  Today it is a thriving yachtie haven with many local shipwrights services providers based at the boatyard ashore.

Our needs on the land are nowhere near as essential we are on an excursion to the Laura Herb and Spice garden a few miles down the road.  It is part of a herb and spice marketing cooperative that sells Grenadian herbs and spice worldwide.  Helpful guides lead us around the cultivation which extends to some 8 acres along well laid out trails with signposted plants.  It is an education and yet at the same time tranquil and peaceful experience enhanced by birds singing in the trees. 

The distance we have travelled from our home base port is negligible yet in the four short days we have experienced so much that this island has to offer.  We clear St Davids the next day and with the wind astern and our sails billowing ahead of us we set a westerly course straight home.     

About Michael and Frances Howorth
Frances & Michael Howorth have been travelling together for the last 25 years, initially working aboard cruise liners and then as crew aboard luxury private and charter yachts. Latterly their trips have been confined to joint photojournalistic assignments aboard ships and yachts. Their voyages of discovery have taken them to Africa, North and South America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, India, and a plethora of islands in between with such diversity as to include Tristan de Cunha, St Helena, and the Maldive Islands.

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The pretty little island of Grenada has been dealt many unfair blows by history and politics. To many it was just recovering from the invasion ordered by President Regan, who sent in troops to put down a Cuban-lead rebellion, when just as that reputation was beginning to sink below the horizon, Mother Nature sent one of her somewhat destructive sons to visit the island on September 7, 2004.

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