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The Jet Charter Experience
It's only a phone call away

Consider today's traveling environment - arriving at the airport 2-2-1/2 hours before your flight after parking your car in a remote lot. You're spending unproductive time waiting to go through multiple security procedures. Then, consider the time you spend waiting for your flight to take off. You'll probably be sharing that flight with at least 150 strangers. When you arrive at your destination, an endless walk awaits through expansive concourses. Then you spend more unproductive time attending to your baggage and ground transportation. And your experience is the same whether you're paying the premium prices for first-class travel or a bargain fare.


And it doesn't look to get any better in the future. Airline traffic is expected to double by the year 2015 and few additional runways are planned. Fewer new major airports are proposed beyond the 450 or so that currently serve the nation. The picture gets bleaker when you consider that 70% of all airline traffic funnels through only about 30 hubs.

 Now consider a similar trip on a jet charter. You begin your trip by arriving at your departure point about 15 minutes before your flight departs. And don't worry about adjusting your personal travel schedule to an airline's. You travel on your terms, whenever it is most convenient for you. In many cases, you either park your car or are dropped off within feet, not miles of your jet. Going through security is no longer a hassle, because you and the rest of your traveling party have already been pre-screened. Want something special to eat and drink while you are flying? Want to decorate your aircraft with your favorite flowers? Not a problem, it's all arranged for you before your flight.

 If this is a business trip, you will engage in confidential discussions without the worry of other passengers that might be listening in. You'll be able to spend your travel time preparing for that critical meeting or making last minute changes to that important presentation. You'll arrive at your destination, refreshed and prepared. Your ground transportation will be within a few feet of your jet to meet you and you won't need to search for your luggage on a carousel. What's even better, you'll choose from up to 5,500 airports serving private jets instead of being limited to the 450 or so congested airports currently serving commercial airlines. In many cases, private jets will fly you to and from airports that are much closer and more convenient for you.

 Want to take advantage of all that chartering a jet offers? Chartering private jets has never been simpler. Worldwide, there are more than 2,400 charter operators with more than 13,000 jet-powered private aircraft. But, according to Al Pod, CEO of Cincinnati-based Executive Jet Management (EJM), a NetJets Company, not all charter is equal. "Choosing a quality charter company requires careful research," says Pod. Only the leading jet charter companies, like EJM, have the largest fleets, featuring the newer and most modern jets and the extensive infrastructure and systems to support their operation. That means more choices available for you plus the assurance of an experienced crew on safe, secure, and superbly maintained aircraft.

Pod also points out that flight operations at Executive Jet Management are more secure than an airline's. "No one steps aboard one of our airplanes whom we don't already know or who hasn't had a background check," says Pod. Flight manifests are carefully verified against IDs prior to any departure. All the security screening takes place well before your flight, so you get to avoid the long lines and the hassles.

Here are some tips to help you make the right decision when choosing an air charter service:

  • Don't ask for a specific type of aircraft:
    Often, someone looking into charter will request a specific type of aircraft because he or she has some previous experience with it. However, it might not be the most comfortable, efficient, or cost-effective aircraft for the trip. Instead, describe your travel needs. Ask the operator to recommend the best aircraft type for a particular trip.
  • Determine where the operator's fleet is located: If the location of the aircraft is not in line with your specific trip requirements, you may end up paying a premium for the trip. This is due to "ferry time" charges. Executive Jet Management operates one of the nation's largest charter fleets. With 80 private jets based at more than 60 locations throughout the U.S., the possibility that ferry time charges will be applied is minimized.
  • Determine the size and depth of the operator's fleet: Many operators with limited fleets will try to convince you to use a specific aircraft because it's the only aircraft the operator has available, not because it comes closest to meeting your needs. Executive Jet Management operates a fleet of private jets with cabin sizes that can comfortably seat as few as five passengers all the way up to large cabin aircraft that can handle up to 18 passengers.
  • Determine whether your operator is brokering your trip to another operator: If so, does the third party offer the highest standards in safety, pilot training, maintenance and service for the aircraft they charter? Executive Jet Management, which maintains one of the very highest standards in the aviation industry, is one of the very select few U.S. aircraft charter, management, shuttle, and maintenance companies to become ISO 9001:2000 certified. In addition EJM has been awarded the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Diamond Award for aircraft maintenance training excellence for 11 straight years.
  • As with most things, you get what you pay for: Check out the operator not only by comparison pricing but also by checking references. You can also inquire at the local FAA office regarding the operator's charter certification and safety history.
  • Compare quotes intelligently: Is it a hard quote or a "soft" estimate? What services are included with the charter? What will appear as an additional cost on the invoice (landing fees, catering, wait/ground time)?
  • Be certain the operator has true 24-hour service: If you need to change your itinerary or cancel your trip, you should be able to reach a knowledgeable representative of the operator 24/7. In the same vein, it's important to supply the charter operator with a reliable way to contact you should they need to update you on operational or weather changes during non-business hours.
  • An operator should be more that willing to show you around the facilities: This will allow you to become familiar with the different aircraft available for charter, and help establish a comfort level with the company's operation.
  • Establish a relationship with one charter operator you know you can trust: Typically, by concentrating all your business with one operator you can obtain volume discounts. It can also lead to a much more efficient use of your time and more consistent, top-quality service.
Chartering private jets isn't just for the business traveler. More and more people are taking advantage of all that chartering a private jet has to offer for their personal and vacation travel, too. Taking your families and friends with you on a chartered private jet is the perfect way to get started on that special vacation. You get to travel on your terms and on your schedule, with convenience and in comfort, and with ultra-personalized service. Imagine how much more time you will be able to spend enjoying yourself and the company of your guests that would otherwise have been wasted on traffic, long lines, and congested airports. You'll arrive rested and relaxed, and ready to enjoy whatever your vacation has in store for you. Those who have experienced the pleasures of flying on private jets will tell you that you will never want to travel on commercial carriers again. Get started on creating your private jet travel experience - it's only a phone call or click away.
About Peter Landesman
Peter Landesman, a market manager for Executive Jet Management, is a
marketing industry veteran with over 20 years in retail market
research, product line management, and direct marketing.

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